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Palestine My Love - Palestine My Love
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  • Palestine freeJERUSALEM- This article dedicated from my heart to every free human being behind jail walls all over the world! Specially in Palestine… It wasn't my plain to write about Palestinian prisoners in this time, but after the last events I decided to write about these great people! 
    This article to all of you.. 
    In the last period there was a hunger strike by the Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli jails, this strike for demanding their rights in prison specially that the Israeli government announced several laws, such as preventing the prisoners from studying, prevent the introduction of the books and else, so the prisoners announced a hunger strike, on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday of each week as a protest on these actions.

    The prisoners announced that this hunger strike is the first step as a protest against these laws, and if the prison's administration don't respond with the prisoner's demand there will be an open hunger strike…
    And as a result of that, just today the prisoners announced an open hunger strike declaring their demands… 
    The prisoners demands are: 
    1. End the policy of isolation.
    2. Allow the undergraduate.
    3. Stop the collective punishment by preventing visits and impose financial penalties on prisoners.
    4. Stop the policy of restricting the hands and legs during the family visits and during meeting with lawyers. 
    5. Stop the policy of raids and provocation inspections against the prisoners.
    6. Allowing the introduction of books, newspapers and clothing for detainees.
    7. To improve medical treatment for sick and injured detainees.
    8. To stop the procedure for determining visits each month, as one time for half an hour.
    9. Re-broadcast satellite channels that were stopped. 

    After announcing the open hunger strike, the detainees declared a comprehensive disobedience and rebellion against the laws of the prison's administration, and in the meanwhile the Israeli government is shifting and moving some prisoners and detainees to unknown areas…

    More than 11.000 detainees behind prisons walls! 
    And the world is screaming for Shaleet's right to be free, trying to forget the right of more than 11.000 human being to be free! 
    many of them in solitary confinement for years, I can't have words to describe their pain, their pain is unbearable, to stay for years in a small room, with no light to feel, no person to see or to talk to, is something really painful, and really inhuman!! 
    Maybe I don't have anything to do for them, but standing far away from them, screaming that you are all our light to freedom, maybe I don't have anything to do, but to write to them and for them, with a hope inside me that their case and their determination to get their rights is going to be spread all over the world! 
    I know that its just a hope or a dream! A dream for the more than 11.000 human being to return to their families, and lives, even though, many of them lived the longest part of their lives in the prison and maybe they forgot what life look like out side! 
    But they and I continue to dream, that their voice will reach everywhere!! It's a dream, and I'm a dreamer... 
    so my dear reader, when you wake up every morning late in a sweet comfortable bed, remember that there is someone who don't have this gift! when your mother kisses you every day, remember there is someone wishing to have one last kiss! 
    When you drink your coffee, when you swim, when you take a shower, when you eat, when you drink, when you're standing under the sun light, and when you're watching the sunset remember that there is someone who don't!
    Remember the gift of living every day free, remember that you can do all these things! and the most important remember that their are people who gave away all the pleasures of life for full freedom.. And please if I didn't give you a reason to stand up, and to scream for those who didn't ate for days, find a reason inside you to stand up for them! 

    Be free, for yourself, for your case, for all the free people around the world, for all who gave away their freedom for your freedom..
    Be free...

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